Happy New Year from Lord Dodo and all the team at Dodo Towers

2021/22 Acad-Pad A5 Diary

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Our amazing Acad-Pad in A5 size  

As a stalwart student or erudite educator, you're liable to find yourself overwhelmed with a hectic schedule filled with lectures and deadlines, not to mention part-time jobs and "extracurricular activities" at the pub. Instead of scribbling down your important dates in a shabby notebook, whose pages are no doubt going to fall out and remain crumpled up as forgotten scraps at the bottom of your bag, try upgrading to Lord Dodo's esteemed Acad-Pad.  

The A5 Acad-Pad diary helps sharp students and proficient professors keep on top of all their work. With pages measuring 21cm x 14.8cm, this A5 diary can easily fit into any backpack or handbag and be transported around the entire campus. 

Plan out the entire academic year in detail 

Many scholarly Dodopadlers could never have made it through the academic year without their trusty week-to-view Acad-Pad by their side, and that's largely because of Lord Dodo's ingenious grid system. 

The grid separates each day into five columns, allowing you to delineate your week in detail. For instance, you could choose to use three columns to schedule your morning, afternoon, and evening; one for project due dates/to-do lists; and the last for reminders, such as to go food shopping and pay the water bill. 

You can of course be as creative as you want with the grid system and split it in whichever way you want. Plus, there's also a Master Timetable for you to write in regular lessons and seminars and a handy 'stuff and store' that can hold crucial papers. 


Unleash your inner Dodo  

The Acad-Pad is His Lordship's way of giving back to education. After all, his school life helped transform him into the upstanding man he is today. It was during his studies that he first developed his love of fine art and learned to appreciate divine doodlers like Leonardodo da Vinci. And his voracious appetite for knowledge allowed him to expand his ever-growing lexicon with intelligent-sounding words such as ‘expunge’ (a thirty-year-old who finally moves out and stops living off their parents), ‘dismember’ (when you insult a fellow attendee at the country club), and ‘umbrage’ (when you get angry after being hit by some idiot's brolly because they decided to open it inside).

So you too can develop a wit to match Lord Dodo's, all Acad-Pads feature his imaginative illustrations, which creatively theme each weekly grid, as well as quirky quotes, wanton one-liners, and tantalising tidbits of Dodo history (verified by our resident experts in Dododian ancestry). There's even a page left (mostly) blank opposite each weekly schedule for you to exercise your artistic ability, which should hopefully save your library books and handouts from being made illegible by your sketches and scribbles. Of course, depending on how seriously you're taking your education, you could also use this space for taking more notes.   

In short, the A5 Acad-Pad is indodispensable, and it's all thanks to the following fantastic features: 

  • A5-sized (21cm x 14.8cm) so you can easily carry it around
  • Mid-year, week-to-view format, spanning from August 2021 to the end of August 2022. 
  • 53 weekly grids, each divided into daily sections with five columns and week numbers noted on each weekly grid
  • Master Timetable for keeping track of regular lessons 
  • 100gsm 'excellent for writing on... even in fountain pen' absorbent paper
  • All UK, USA, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian Public Holidays
  • Fun facts, offbeat anniversaries, and inspiringly unusual quotes on each weekly page 
  • Moon phases via symbols so all you lunar enthusiasts can keep track of whether it's waxing, waning, full or new.  
  • Forward planners for 2021/22 and 2022/23 plus clear planning space
  • An indodispensable data section to record important telephone numbers, email addresses, etc.
  • A handy 'Stuff and Store' pouch to hold all your essential handouts and extra sheets of notes. 

Need more convincing? You can preview some of the Acad-Pad's pages here to see an example of the Acad-Pad in action.   

If you love the Acad-Pad's style but would prefer it in a different size, we also have the original desk diary (24cm x 19cm) version available.