Happy New Year from Lord Dodo and all the team at Dodo Towers

2021/22 Acad-Pad Desk Diary

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Soothe your student stress with the Acad-Pad

Dodo Towers strives to help students succeed with the 2021/22 Acad-Pad diary, a mid-year academic planner that's the perfect aide to your studies.

We know that student life can be challenging, but it is also the opportune time to learn one of life's most valuable lessons – the key to success is organisation. After all, as a student you have a lot to balance: attending lectures, revising notes, listening to dodactic presentations, planning and writing essays, revising some more... and that's just the work side of things! We can't even imagine how full your diary must be if you're lucky enough to be socially popular. You'll barely have enough time to sleep in till noon.

The Acad-Pad is a fun way of forming a structure out of all the chaos so you don't become overwhelmed with all that academic life has to throw at you.


Schedule the school year in style

The size of this week-to-view academic diary is 24cm x 19cm (a little larger than A5), and it spans across the entire academic year, from August 2021 to August 2022. Each weekly page has been decorated with Lord Dodo's signature illustrations and features His Lordship's innovative grid system, perfect for displaying any busy student's schedule. The grid splits each day of the week into five columns, providing you with enough room to write a detailed timetable covering morning, noon, and night. It's never been easier to see at a glance what the upcoming week holds in store.

We've also included a specially designed Master Timetable at the front of the Acad-Pad, which allows you to keep track of your regular lessons and seminars that remain unchanged from week to week (and helps prevent repetitive strain injury from writing in the same set of classes over and over again).


Save your school sheets from sketches and scribbles

The Acad-Pad also comes with a convenient 'Stuff and Store' pouch to hold any essential papers. Opposite each weekly grid is plenty of space for extra note-taking or, when the monotony of lectures becomes too much to bear, doodling for your own entertainment. These handy features will at last save your detailed handouts and library books from being covered in your inspired drawings – something you're sure to be thankful for when deadlines approach!

In fact, when he was a mere student, Lord Dodo completed his dodissertation on students' most perturbing problems. He found that most students were stressed because either they had lost their very important notes and couldn't remember what they were supposed to be revising, or they had doodled all over them out of boredom and now couldn't read a thing. He invented the Acad-Pad as a way of killing two dodos with one stone.


An all-round dodelightful academic planner

Dodo Acad-Pads are unlike any other academic diaries you've ever owned. Filled with all the weird and wonderful quotes, jokes and facts you never thought you wanted to know, the Acad-Pad is the mad way of staying sane during your studies.

But it's not just for students. Math teachers will find the diary's usefulness incalculable. English lit lecturers will be lost for words when they see how easily it simplifies their scheduling. Physics professors will gravitate towards its cosmically colourful pages.

You get the idea. Just about anyone whose life revolves around the academic year will find the Acad-Pad indodispensable, and that's because it has all of the following features:

  • Mid-year, week-to-view format, spanning from August 2021 to the end of August 2022.
  • 24cm x 19cm pages (the same size as the original Dodo Pad desk diary) 53 weekly grids, each divided into daily sections with five columns and week numbers noted on each weekly grid.
  • Master Timetable for keeping track of regular lessons.
  • 100gsm 'excellent for writing on... even in fountain pen' absorbent paper.
  • All UK, USA, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian Public Holidays Fun facts, offbeat anniversaries, and inspiringly unusual quotes on each weekly page.
  • Moon phases via symbols so all you lunar enthusiasts can keep track of whether it's waxing, waning, full or new.
  • Forward planners for 2021/22 and 2022/23 plus clear planning space An indodispensable data section to record important telephone numbers, email addresses, etc.
  • A handy 'Stuff and Store' pouch to hold all your essential handouts and extra sheets of notes.

If you love the look of the Acad-Pad but would prefer a different size, perhaps something a little smaller or even a little larger, have a look at all the size variants here.

You can also take a look inside if you're still not convinced what all the fuss is about.

And remember: any studious Dodopadler can get more out of their Acad-Pad diary by using our excellent accessories, such as the Dodivider, pen loops, and Save the Day stickers.