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The Dodo Book Of The Precious Pet

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Alleviate your animal anxieties with the perfect pet planner

Looking after a beloved pet isn't easy. There's a lot of loose paperwork to keep on top of to ensure that they remain the happy fluffy/scaly/feathered friend you love so much. 

He may be no Dr Dodolittle, but as the proud owner of three exceptional pets, Lord Dodo understands all too well the sheer amount of organisation needed to care for one's animal. 

To stop pet-related worries clawing their way into your mind, Lord Dodo created The Dodo Book of the Precious Pet, a 24 x 20cm ring-bound organiser that serves as a magnificent help to any owner, whether they're persevering to keep their pooch pristine or their kitty sitting pretty. 

Eight pocket dividers for easy organisation

The Book of the Precious Pet is here to make your life as easy as that of any over-pampered cat. This pet planner comes with eight gorgeously illustrated dividers, each focusing on a different aspect of pet care. Each divider has a deep pouch for you to fill with all the relevant paperwork and notes, so you'll know precisely which bit of information is where whenever you need it. 

The eight dividers included in The Book of the Precious Pet are: 

  • Vet & Vaccinations
  • Pedigree & Kennels
  • Training
  • Grooming
  • Food
  • Insurance
  • Bedding & Equipment
  • Miscellaneous

See your pet progress in the Growing Gallery

We know how it is: as an animal fanatic, you're bound to have more pet pics on your phone than of any relative, offspring, or significant other. While storing these invaluable photos in the cloud is very handy, we believe that nothing beats purr-rusing a physical photo album that you can hold and treasure. 

The Book of the Precious Pet’s Growing Gallery contains 20 spaces for photos. The book also comes with 60 free photo corners, so you can stick down and save the happiest highlights with your cuddly companions and share their most memorable milestones with others. 

We’ve also included a clear ziplock pouch to keep photos safe and a strong elastic bandeau to hold everything safely inside.

More Pages than any animal-lover could ever need

As well as stuffing your pet journal full of important documents, you can also write your own notes and lists on the 100 pages of virgin paper included within the planner. You can sort these pages into the appropriate sections for further customisation and add more with this refill pack. In short, we've given you everything you need to create a complete compendium of your pet, preventing the howling stress that comes when you realise you've misplaced your puppy's grooming guide, your rabbit's vaccination certificate, or your parakeet's insurance details. Beagle, bunny, or budgie, your pet will thank you for buying this organiser. 

The Dodo Book of the Precious Pet is not just essential for any conscientious pet owner – it's indodispensible. Order one today, and in a few weeks, you won't believe how you ever managed to care for a pet without one.