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A Dodo Pad's not just for Christmas

No matter what the year brings, your Dodo Pad will be there for all of life's eventualities

The Dodelightful Annual Diary

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Dodo things differently

Allow us to introduce to you perhaps the most revolutionary invention of the last century: the Dodo Pad.

Created and designed by eminent scribbler, enthusiastic adventurer, and impeccable organiser Lord Dodo of the Doodle Empire, this colourfully illustrated week-to-view diary is here to save you and your family from being made extinct by modern life's stresses.

Lord Dodo & his perfect pad

The Dodo Pad is Britain's best-loved planner,
but what makes it such a marvellously useful diary?

In the month

6 December 1735

Surgeon Claudius Amyand performed the first successful appendectomy at St George's Hospital - on a boy who swallowed a pin

13 December 1913

The Mona Lisa was recovered (it was stolen from The Louvre in 1911)

25 December

Christmas Day

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