Lord Dodo is no bird brain 

It's ceaselessly astounding what the human mind can come up with.

Every now and then, a truly great mind comes along to change the world. Just think: where would the world be had Isaac Newton not sat down by that apple tree one day and wondered why the apple fell downwards and not upwards, or had Albert Einstein not sat in the streetcar on his way home from work and pondered what would happen to his perception of time if the streetcar moved at the speed of light? 

Likewise, in 1965, Lord Dodo (a.k.a. Sir John Verney) asked, "How can endlessly busy people save themselves from extinction due to the pressures of modern life?" His answer gifted the world with something so incredible that we believe he has cemented himself among the most revolutionary thinkers of our time.  




The Idodeal daily organiser for the whole family 

Lord Dodo, who today is chairman of Dodo Towers, conceived the Dodo Pad as an entertaining weekly planner to help the owner keep track of important dates and deadlines. Each edition of the spiral-bound diary is impossible to lose, thanks to the annually altering brightly coloured cover, and features Lord Dodo's extremely practical grid system, a true innovation of organisation. 

Each week is clearly presented as a grid with each daily row divided into five columns. You can assign one column to each family member (with room at the side to 'marginalise' extra family members), or you can split the day into five because, let's face it, a single square is hardly ever enough room for an entire family or even one terribly busy person. By using the Dodo Pad, everyone can stay in sync and in the loop – coordinating family life has never been easier!

We have often wondered what humanity would have suffered through had Lord Dodo never concocted this ingenious invention. Friendships would crumble under the bitterness of forgotten birthdays; family arguments would erupt when parents repeatedly fail to attend their children's music recitals; and, frankly, just thinking about all those accidentally missed dentist appointments is enough to give us a toothache. 

Thankfully, the Dodo Pad put an end to all these worries by providing you with a creative way to keep sight of your goals. Never again will you experience the sheer amount of stomach-churning stress that comes upon the sudden realisation that your super-important presentation was actually this Thursday and not next. Phew! 

Lord Dodo's dodelightful doodles

As the descendant of a long line of distinguished doodlers, Lord Dodo is positively emphatic about drawing, spending his days scribbling and sketching away as he resides in his drawing room at Dodo Manor. The Dodo Pad has given him a way to put all his daydreaming and doodling to good use. His signature illustrations adorn every page of the Dodo Pad, giving each week a unique theme and allowing the reader a glimpse into his truly remarkable brain. His Lordship's favourite jokes, quotes, brainteasers, and unusual facts and anniversaries can be found throughout each Dodo Pad, and he even honours the Dodo dynasty with historical facts about his eccentric ancestors. Any appreciator of unconventional history and a good joke will feel at home in Lord Dodo's company. 

Lord Dod's art may even inspire you to do some doodling of your own, which is why we've left a (mostly) blank space opposite each weekly grid for you to sketch your creations. 

This Dodo's far from extinct

Initially starting with just the week-to-view spiral-bound diary, the Dodo Pad range has expanded and evolved throughout its 50-plus-year history to cater to every busy Dodopadler. University or college student with deadlines to keep track of and exams to plan towards? Our Acad-pad is perfect for planning out the academic year, from August to September. Prefer to see the whole month at a glance? Our month-to-view wall calendar is an excellent alternative to the diary. We also have looseleaf versions, Filofax compatible refills, and pocket- and personal-sized planners. Not only that, but Lord Dodo has finally joined the digital age and now produces interactive DigiDodoPads for use on your phone or tablet! 

Whichever Dodo Pad product you choose, they all capture the buoyant spirit of Lord Dodo and his hardworking team at Dodo Towers. That's why the front cover of every single diary released, including the very first edition in 1966, proudly reads: "If you too are nearly extinct with the daily pressures of modern life, then try the Dodo Pad". And every back cover, accompanying the picture of a mother and baby Dodo: 'After using your Dodo Pad for a year you may find you're not as extinct as all that!' 

So, don't face extinction! The Dodo Pad diary has everything you could ever want and more from a planner. Once you've become a member of the Dodo Pad family, you'll be amazed at how you ever managed to live without one of these infinitely helpful diaries in your home. It's no wonder why so many Dodopadlers are fanatic about our products.

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