Cover, cover on my desk, which is better than all the rest?

Cover, cover on my desk, which is better than all the rest?

We recently conducted an email survey to get some input into our cover design direction dilemma debate.

The debate has been raging in our virtual Dodo Towers for some weeks and your contribution has finally settled it. 

Analysis has been underway day and night by the Dodo Data Dissection Department and we are now ready to announce the results. 

Thank you to the hundreds of you who gave us your votes and your thoughts.

We put three options out there, with variations of background and frame colours. 

We asked how much you like each of the options and then you had a chance to write down any additional comments.

OPTION A - White background, coloured portraits

Net Positivity Score is calculated as 'Love it' less 'Dislike it', a similar methodology to the way that politicians net approval ratings are calculated. (Lord Dodo was very pleased that none of his covers went into negative territory!)

OPTION B - Coloured background, coloured portraits

OPTION C - Coloured background, white portraits

The Net Positivity Leaderboard, therefore, is:

1. Option B: 35.7%

2. Option C: 5.3%

3. Option A: 3.4%

A clear lead for Option B, which was least disliked and most loved. This gives us our direction for the 2024 Dodo Pad and 2023-24 Academic. We shall work up our new covers and share them with you in due course. 

A few of your lovely and helplful comments before we go:

"Adore your development of this quirky distinguished and distinctive house style."

"I would buy it however the cover looks."

"Changing the colours each year let’s you know it’s a different year."

"Definitely love the second choice [B]. I hadn't realised what strong feelings I had about the cover until I was asked about it, but I do love the bold colours and how they change from year to year. The new Dodo pad really is the highlight of each new year. Three cheers for the wonder that is the Dodo Pad!"

"I like colour so the more the better."

"I use a leather slip cover, so largely irrelevant what goes on underneath it!!!"

"It’s colour all the way for me."

"My wife says that she prefers the first option but it doesn't really matter as it is folded over all year anyway."

Thank you again for your invaluable input, it is hugely appreciated.

The Dodo Pad is nothing without Dodo Padlers.  And one lucky Dodo Padler is top of the list for a 2024 diary - we might even send you one of our pre-production samples to be the very first in the world to get a copy. 


  • 1: March 03, 2023


  • LmMqtzme: March 03, 2023


  • Anna Elizabeth Bradnam: October 19, 2022

    I preferred the colour block and ghostly image of the Dodo in 2021.

  • Vanessa: October 13, 2022

    I think it is really good that you have asked for views and shared the results. I am looking forward to seeing what the real 2024 cover for the annual diary looks like.

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