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Lord Dodo World Announcement

Lord Dodo World Announcement

At 9am yesterday, 1st April 2023, we emailed our customers and announced on social media our plans to open a Dodo Pad visitor attraction, Lord Dodo World.

We were surprised when a number of concerned Dodo Padlers contacted us to express their horror at this news. They were worried that Dodo Pad was becoming overly commercialised and we would get distracted from producing the annual Dodo Pad. 

Now it is April 2nd, we can assure all Dodo Padlers that this was an April Fool's joke and there is no reason for disquietude. Our little team remain committed to bringing you colourful and amusing diaries each year plus notebooks, stationery and other assorted diary produce. 

Here is the announcement for those who missed it. 

News Update: Announcing Lord Dodo World

Dear Dodo Padlers,

In advance of a major announcement to the Press, all of us at Dodo Towers wanted our valued Dodo Pad users to be the first to know about a major new venture for Dodo Pad Ink.

Dodo Pad is launching a new concept in entertainment and leisure: Lord Dodo World.

To be built on sixty six acres of former jousting land to the east of Dodo Magna, Lord Dodo World will be themed around the characters found in Dodo Pads since 1966.

There will be fast and furious rides. Already in late stage development are Thunder Dodo and Pirates of Dodo Magna featuring Captain Jack Dodo. These will be complimented by a large range of super scale outdoor games, including Hook the Dodo, Dodos and Ladders and Cludodo.

Lord Dodo's team - including our Managing Director, Mafalda, Incomparable Designer Naomi and Social Media Pixie Lucy - will be dressed as Dodos, walking around the site, ensuring that all visitors experience the magic of Lord Dodo World.

Hotels rooms and restaurants will be on a last come last served basis, with catering by the locally infamous Dodo Magna WI.

Be sure to watch our promotional video above (which will play on You Tube). Have your sound on to hear the Dodo Pad Office Band play their new piece, 'The Magic of Lord Dodo'.

Planned opening Spring 2024. Reserve your advance ticket now!



  • Susie P: April 02, 2023

    I love a bit of dodo humour

  • Veronica: April 02, 2023

    If only it was true…

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