2025 Dodo Pad A5 Diary

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Fiona Russell
Love a Dodo Diary

I've used a Dodo diary for years now, have not seen a better diary around. Highly recommend.

David Brooks
Great fun every year

Excellent value annual gift of joy

Elizabeth Rice
Lovely but why smaller?

Lovely but why smaller!

Pam Cary
Customer since 1977

It’s waiting for me at home! I haven’t seen it yet. But I know I will be thrilled! Love my Dodo!!

Lord Dodo's ingenious organiser is here in A5 size 

Feeling exasperated by a packed schedule with a never-ending To-Dodo list? Struggling to remember all your daily tasks? Simply put, are you positively fed up with juggling the pressures of modern life?

You're not alone. We've all been there, including Lord Dodo of the Doodle Empire, and that's why he designed the incredible Dodo Pad diary – perhaps the most groundbreaking invention in the world of planners (well, it's at least in the top ten). 

The A5 version of the original 2025 Dodo Pad desk diary is a huge hit with our loyal Dodopadlers, and we're sure you'll love it too. With dimensions of 21cm x 14.8cm, this A5 diary is slightly smaller than the original, but it features all the same wonderful doodle-filled content. If you're looking for an introduction to the colourfully illustrated world of Lord Dodo, then this easy-to-carry-around A5 diary may be the ideal place to start.

Plan with precision  

This spiral-bound week-to-view diary will help simplify your scheduling throughout the whole calendar year. Its slightly smaller size makes it great for both individual use and sharing with the entire family, and it can easily fit into any bag. Practical and unique, the Dodo Pad is unlike any planner you've ever had before. 

What makes Lord Dodo's brainchild so indodispensable? For one thing, it features a week-to-view grid layout to enhance any muddled individual's organisation. 

The grid system divides each day of the week into five columns, giving each family member their own column to write in their weekly activities. Because each user can see everyone's plans at a glance throughout the whole week, it's easy for the family to stay in sync. (If you'd like to see an example of the grid layout in action, and get a taste of the joy of Dodo, click here for some sample pages).

Appointments, deadlines, family celebrations, reminders – whatever crops up in family life can be recorded on the Dodo Pad's high-quality, super-absorbent A5 paper so that everyone is on the same page (figuratively and literally). The days of haranguing absent-minded spouses because they forgot yet another anniversary will be long gone, and little Jimmy will never 'accidentally' miss the after-school chess club ever again.  

The A5 Dodo Pad isn't just for families. If you're one of the lucky ones who has a particularly frantic schedule morning, noon, and night, you can keep the diary all to yourself and use the columns to split your packed day into five. 

But there's more. After all, this is a Dodo product, created by distinguished doodler Lord Dodo himself, and it wouldn't be worthy to carry his lordship's name without his unique and unusual illustrations theming each week, offering a new surprise at every turn of the page. The A5 diary is also filled with fascinating quotes, packed full of puns, and adorned with dodubious historical facts about Lord Dodo's eccentric ancestry to keep you inspired. And when inspiration does hit, each weekly grid has a mostly blank page opposite for you to draw your own magnum opus. 

In short, the A5 Dodo Pad has everything a diary needs to prevent you from feeling extinct. 

Fantastic features in an A5 planner

Your A5 Dodo Pad diary includes

  • Week-to view format with A5 (21cm x 14.8cm) spiral-bound pages
  • 53 weekly grids, each divided into daily sections with five columns and week numbers noted on each weekly grid
  • 112gsm UK made paper, excellent for writing on particularly in fountain pen
  • All UK, USA, Australian, New Zealand, South African, Irish and Canadian Public Holidays
  • Fun facts, offbeat anniversaries, and inspiringly unusual quotes on each weekly page 
  • Moon phases via symbols so all you lunar enthusiasts can keep track of whether it's waxing, waning, full or new.  
  • Forward planners for 2025 and 2026 plus clear planning space
  • Lord Dodo's conversion page so you can keep track of your ounces and grams
  • An indodispensable data section to record important telephone numbers, email addresses, etc.

If you'd prefer a Dodo Pad of a slightly bigger size, have a look at the original Dodo Pad desk diary. Alternatively, if you'd like something more personal, why not try out our pocket-sized Mini Dodo Pad?