2025 Dodo Pad Original Desk Diary

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Sarah Percy-Lancaster

As usual.
Thank you.

Love my Dodo Pad

Couldn’t live without my mini diary and desk diary, My life is contained within them. I’ve used Dodo Pad for years. Love the information contained in it, it makes me smile.

Barbara T.
As great as ever!

I love the layout & the space for my many reminders - + room for lists eg shopping, books needed, recipes etc that other diaries don't provide. And there's the artwork!!

Kate Quick
Dodo Desk Diary

I’ve used the Dodo Desk Diary for over 25 years and couldn’t manage my life without it. Unlike electronic devices it never lets me down and it’s Dodo facts always make me smile..

Caroline Phillips
A devoted diarist1

I have had the Dodo Pad original Desk Diary from the time John Verney was doing the illustrations back in the late 60s - unless my memory plays me false. My godmother sent me my first one, and I ensured that I got one by fair means or foul from then on,

The original 24cm x 19cm version of Lord Dodo's much-loved diary 

This is where it all started: an undisputed milestone in the world of planners: the original Dodo Pad diary. If you're looking for an introduction to the wonderful doodle-filled world of Lord Dodo, there is no better place to start than here.

This is the 2025 (59th edition) pick-me-up-and-move-me-around classic spiral-bound Dodo Pad: a week-to-view diary that allows easy organisation for your family throughout the whole calendar year. Unique and practical in every way, the Dodo Pad is the entertaining planner you didn't know you needed.

A saviour from extinction

Memos, messages, engagements, appointments, deadlines – they can all be quickly jotted down in the Dodo Pad's 24 x 19cm pages (that's a little larger than A5, in case you are wondering) and clearly displayed so the whole family can stay in the loop. Lord Dodo's clever grid system splits the days of the week into five columns, meaning each family member can have their own column or, if you're an extremely busy individual with a packed day, you can hog them all to yourself. 

Glorious illustrations from Lord Dodo's own sharp-witted pencil, quirky quotes, and offbeat anniversaries theme each week – planning your schedule has never been a more enjoyable task! Plus, there is a large blank space opposite each weekly grid for making extra notes or, for those who want to unleash their inner Lord Dodo, doodling! 

The Dodo Pad is a lifesaver for families everywhere (and has been since the very first edition in 1966). If you too are feeling nearly extinct from the pressures of modern life, order yours today and see what all the fuss is about. 

Everything you could ever want from a planner:

Your Dodo Pad diary includes: 

  • Week-to-view format with 24cm x 19cm spiralbound pages
  • 53 weekly grids, each divided into daily sections with five columns and week numbers noted on each weekly grid
  • 112gsm' excellent for writing on, particularly with a fountain pen
  • All UK, USA, Australian, New Zealand, South African, Irish and Canadian Public Holidays
  • Fun facts, offbeat anniversaries, and inspiringly unusual quotes on each weekly page 
  • Moon phases via symbols so all you lunar enthusiasts can keep track of whether it's waxing, waning, full or new.  
  • Forward planners for 2025 and 2026 plus clear planning space
  • An indodispensable data section to record important telephone numbers, email addresses, etc.
  • A handy 'Stuff and Store' pouch to hold all your essential pieces of paper.
  • Perforated tear off corner on every page so you can quickly get to the latest week


And don't forget, you can get even more out of your Dodo Pad with our Dodoriffic accessories, such as Slipcovers, Dodividers, pen loops and Save the Day stickers.