The Dodo Pad Desk Jotter A3 Pad (30cm x 42cm)

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The best jotter pad for any desk

For any scatterbrained worker drowning in a sea of post-it notes, confused about the order in which they should be tackling their to-do list (or what was even on the list to begin with), the Dodo A3 Jotter Pad could be the best invention since sliced bread (or the Dodo Pad, at least). 

Each of the 50 sheets on this pad provides you with the perfect layout to write all the reminders you’ll need for the day. Think of it as the ultimate post-it note, only instead of a tiny square that is destined to get crumpled up and lost before you even get round to whatever it was you wrote on it, you’ll have a spacious A3 sheet with plenty of room. Every 42cm x 30cm sheet of the Desk Jotter’s high-quality 120gsm recycled post consumer waste paper features separate sections for you to neatly organise all your note-taking, making it easy for you to see, at a glance, what you need to get done. The Dodo Jotter pad is also available in a smaller, more portable B5 size. 

To the right is a To-Dodo list for you to itemise all your jobs so you can work through them one at a time. We’ve also included checkboxes, so you can have the joy of ticking off each task and then proudly sitting back at the end of the day, content with how productive you’ve managed to be. The three-month planner (you fill in the months and the days of the week yourself) will also help you glance ahead to any upcoming deadlines or important dates. 

There’s also a doodle area for whenever boredom creeps in, perhaps while on a conference call, and some self-amusement is needed pronto. With the A3 jotter neatly laid on your desk, your colleagues on the video call will never know that your scribblings aren’t really notes on the meeting. It really is the best desk notepad for any fanatic dodopadler who can’t kick their doodling habit. 

And, because you will need something to fuel yourself if you’re going to conquer your To-Dodo list, we’ve even included special zones for your biscuits and coffee. 

Lord Dodo knows that curling corners are the bane of any notepad user’s existence, making the paper a nuisance to write on, which is why he had the idea of turning things on their head and gluing the bottom edge instead of the top. It’s the ingenious topsy-turvy thinking His Lordship is known for. 

Any daily desk-dweller will find the A3 jotter a great addition to their workplace. So that you always have a pen handy, try accessorising your A3 jotter with one of our pen loops or pens