Dodo Keyboard Notepad Classic

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As working from home becomes increasingly commonplace, you will want to make sure your home workspace is kept neatly organised so you can remain efficient and focused. But for many people the reality is very different: instead of an impeccably arranged desk, you’re faced with a jumble of scrap paper, each piece with a different note scribbled on, just asking to be lost or ruined by an accidental spillage of coffee. If you find that no one desk can contain your sprawling post-it notes, the Dodo Keyboard Notepad is the organisational accessory you need.  

The Dodo Keyboard Notepad allows you to take all your daily written reminders and combine them into one helpful, easy-to-read notepad that fits nicely on your desk. 

This notepad consists of 50 sheets, each divided into three segments. The leftmost area is for your all-important to-dodo list. The longer middle space is for any notes (or doodles) you need to make during the day, and the right section is for you to list all your business and personal calls (complete with checkboxes at the side because, of course, we wouldn’t want to rob you of the satisfaction of ticking off each one). 

You’ll have plenty of space to write, too. The Dodo Keyboard Notepad has an A3 size width (43cm), and its slim height of 9.9cm means it’s the ideal shape to fit snugly in front of your keyboard. 

Naturally, this wouldn’t be a Dodo notepad if it wasn’t printed on our acclaimed 100gsm paper, which can be written on with anything – fountain pen, ballpoint pen, or pencil – without the fear of bleed-through. Plus, we’ve glued the bottom edge, not the top, so you won’t be pestered by the corners curling up during use. 

Our Keyboard Notepad will enliven any desk. Warning: if you bring your notepad to your office, be prepared for the attention of many colleagues and to field many questions such as “Ooh, where did you get that, [insert your name here]?” and  “Would it be alright if I borrow one sheet?”. It’s a small price to pay for the amount of use you’ll get out of it. 

There is even a metric ruler running along the top of each sheet, so there’s no need to spend ages scouring your stationery pots whenever you need to draw a straight line.  

Don’t let your to-dodo list go extinct. Choose your colour above and order your Dodo keyboard notepad today to stay on top of all of life’s stresses.