Everyone Dodos dodifferently. 
Some DodoPadlers use the five columns for family members, home and work, different dogs, weather records and many many other things. Some don’t use them at all and write all the way across. Some doodle on the left hand page; others wouldn’t dream of it.  
Lord Dodo is always curious and he would love to know, ‘How do you Dodo?’. Tell us how you use your Dodo Pad and you will be entered into a competition to win this UNIQUE, ONE OFF, ORIGINAL Lord Dodo sketch.  No Lord Dodo sketch has ever - to our knowledge - been sold before, so we can only assume this is utterly PRICELESS!

This fabulous original drawing could be yours. 

From every page of a Dodo Pad shines exceptional creativity at work. Lord Dodo works through the mind and hand of fabulous artist and illustrator Naomi McBride. Naomi has been compiling and illustrating the Dodo Pad since 2005. Every illustration is hand drawn, every reference checked and double checked - a labour of love and a work of art. 

Drawn in June 2021, this original illustration is ready for pride of place in the lucky winner’s  dodining room, dodrawing room or even their dodownstairs cloakroom.

Let us know how you Dodo by entering below before 14h October 2021. 

We will share with you - anonymously of course - the most interesting and unusual ways that DodoPadlers Dodo nearer to Christmas.