2024 Dodo Pad Desk Diary (Loose-Leaf)

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There’s a version of Lord Dodo’s esteemed Dodo Pad to suit everyone. We have created this loose-leaf version of the original desk diary for those who want to have the freedom to fit Britain’s finest planner into their own ring-bound organiser. 

The loose-leaf version is absolutely identical in content to the original desk diary, but it gives you the flexibility and freedom to store the colourful pages in your own ring binder. It’s the best option for anyone who wants a bit more control over the presentation of their yearly planner. 

Fill your ring-binder with the charm of Lord Dodo

As the quintessential invention of Lord Dodo, the Dodo Pad is any organised individual’s dream. Even the busiest people will find it easy to schedule their whole day on the diary’s colourful pages (which measure 24cm x 19cm, a little larger than A5). 

Each weekly page has a grid with five columns for each day, allowing you to split the day into neatly divided sections for precise planning. The loose-leaf format also means you can buy packs of our high-quality paper (for extra note-taking) and pouched dividers (for organising and storing loose sheets) to insert into your diary wherever you want. 

But the loose-leaf Dodo Pad is also designed to have multiple users, capable of bringing harmony to any fortunate family who shares one. Lord Dodo’s clear grid system allows family members to write out their individual schedules side by side so they can all stay in sync and avoid arguments arising from missed anniversaries and schedule clashes. After all, we all know that one square per day is often too impractical for busy family life. With five columns for each day, the grid will give everyone enough space. 

And it wouldn’t be a Dodo diary without His Lordship’s excellent doodles theming each week. A well-read gentleman, Lord Dodo has included, via his imaginative illustrations, many entertaining allusions and irregular references to his favourite works of literature and moments in history throughout the diary, and he’s even included a few jokes and riddles to help keep the reader as sharp as himself. 

Take a look below to see why the loose-leaf version of the Dodo Pad could be the best version for you: 

  • Week-to-view format with 24cm x 19cm loose-leaf pages
  • 53 weekly grids, each divided into daily sections with five columns and week numbers noted on each weekly grid
  • 112gsm UK made paper excellent for writing on... even in fountain pen
  • All UK, USA, Australian, New Zealand, South African, Irish and Canadian Public Holidays
  • Fun facts, offbeat anniversaries, and inspiringly unusual quotes on each weekly page 
  • Moon phases via symbols so all you lunar enthusiasts can keep track of whether it's waxing, waning, full or new.  
  • Forward planners for 2023 and 2024 plus clear planning space
  • An indodispensable data section to record important telephone numbers, email addresses, etc.
  • A handy 'Stuff and Store' pouch to hold all your essential pieces of paper.

If your organiser has been sorely missing the genius of Lord Dodo, order your loose-leaf Dodo Pad today.