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Our 2022 Dodo Pads are perfect for just about anyone with a busy life or packed family home, and we know you’ll find yours a lifesaver – after using it for a few weeks, you’ll be bewildered at how you ever managed to get organised without it.  

Plus, if a large chunk of your schedule consists of a steady routine from week to week, then we have just the tool to make your Dodo Pad even more helpful. 

The Dodivider is a crystal-clear, wipe-clean, tabbed divider that will save you from the tedium of writing out the same regular activities and appointments every single week again and again and again. You simply clip it into your diary’s spiral binding (so that it overlays your current weekly grid) and then write on it, with a wipe-clean pen, whichever parts of your schedule regularly repeat. When one week is over, you simply pop the Dodivider out and place it over the next. You can keep moving it from week to week throughout the whole year. 

Do you unfailingly do your laundry at the same time on the same day each week? Do the kids need picking up from after-school football practice at 4:30 PM every Thursday? Do you play badminton every Tuesday morning at the university’s sports centre? Stick it on the Dodivider once and you won’t have to ever worry about forgetting it. 

Of course, there are no certainties in life, and arrangements get rescheduled or changed all the time, which is why the Dodivider is easy to edit. Simply wipe the Dodivider clean and start again. If you’re wondering what pen is best suited to writing on the Dodivider, we suggest this terrific felt-tip pen, but any wipe-clean pen will do. 

Take a look at the video below for a demonstration of just how easy the Dodivider is to use: 

The Dodivider is perfect for use in the Dodo Pad desk diary, Acad-Pad diary, and large Dodo Blank Book. We also have Dodividers sized for the mini diaries and the Wall Pad