Laminated Pouched Dividers - Pack of 2

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The Dodo Pad and Acad-Pad diaries provide you with plenty of excellent features for planning out your year, including a handy ‘Stuff and Store’ pouch for your important papers. But if you’re the type of dodopadler who can’t move for the sea of loose paper flooding your home, you may need a little extra help keeping track of everything. 

These matt-laminated pouched dividers will give you plenty of additional space to store heaps of essential documents, turning your planner into the ultimate organisation tool. They are strong and durable, so all your bills, letters, and bank statements will be safe, secure and close at hand. You can also store any loose bits of paper you’ve scribbled on and don’t want to leave lying around the house, such as shopping lists and to-dodo lists.  

These dividers measure 24cm x 19cm, the same size as the desk diaries, and easily fit in between the pages of your original Dodo Pad or Acad-Pad. We recommend having up to six dividers for a comfortable fit, though you may be able to insert more. They slot into the spiral binding of your desk diary, and you can move them throughout the year so they’re always in the most convenient position. Once the year is up, you can remove and reuse them in all your future Dodo Pads.  

It’s yet another genius stress-busting idea concocted in the mind of Lord Dodo. We are likely all familiar with the heart-sinking panic of losing an important letter or document that you may have been a little too careless with. By using these pouched dividers, you can turn your perfect family organiser into the perfect storage folder, too, so that you’re always certain where your documents are, averting many frantic dashes around the house to rapidly rifle through drawers.  

Order today and get organised.