Tally Ho Dodo!

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The unequalled equine organiser from Lord Dodo

If, like Lord Dodo, horses are your mane love in life, you’ll want to look after them the best you can. Instead of having a mare with your horse care, keep your stallions stellar and your ponies prancing by managing them with the help of Tally Ho Dodo!, Lord Dodo’s organiser for looking after stupendous steeds. 

This hard-backed ring binder measures 24cm x 20cm and will help you sort and sift through all the essential info you need to look after your galloping neigh-bour.  

Saddle up and take the reins of your horse care

His Lordship has always been one to buck the trend, which is why Tally Ho Dodo! goes one step beyond your run-of-the-mill organiser by giving you the means to create an extensive equine encyclopedia. 

Tally Ho Dodo! comes with 12 dividers, which allow you to keep a record of everything you would possibly need to keep your favourite filly feeling fine. With deep pouches on the reverse side, these dividers are perfect for stuffing and storing lists, notes, and cuttings on every aspect of your horse’s care.

The 12 sections included in the organiser are:

  • Saddlery & Bedding
  • Feed
  • Farrier Lessons & Training
  • Livery
  • Transport
  • Vet & Dentist
  • Complementary Therapies
  • Events & Gymkhanas
  • Membership Notes
  • Insurance
  • Miscellaneous

And, of course, all the dividers feature exquisite equine illustrations from the pen of Lord Dodo himself. 

More fantastic features for you to fawn over your foals

Lord Dodo realises that owning a horse means being saddled with a lot of responsibility. To help you keep on top of all the regular requirements, he has included a Perennial Planner, a wipe-clean calendar that you can use to schedule clipping and worming appointments, inoculations and vet visits, insurance renewals, and any other ongoing obligations.  

Tally Ho Dodo! also includes a clear ziplock pouch to keep particularly precious documents and certificates safe and a strong elastic bandeau to hold everything securely inside. The ring-bound book is also refillable, so if you ever need more room to write your nag-related notes, you can buy extra sheets of our high-quality paper to insert in whichever section you’d like, creating a thorough organiser for your thoroughbred.  

So, stop stalling and get a tight rein on your stable today with Tally Ho Dodo!, the indodispensable organiser for horse and pony owners. 

But Lord Dodo is no one-trick pony. He also has plenty of other organisers that have earned him a loyal colt following, including the Dodo Book of the Precious Pet to help with the care of your other four-legged friends.